About Us

It’s all about Family!

Our Family

Trendz4U was started with family in mind. Being a busy mom I’ve always loved the thought of staying at home and earning a living while still raising my kids. Although we are not there yet this is a project and a dream we hope to accomplish.

Have a family with two kids with Unique names I understand the struggles of having personalized items. Although there are many custom name products out there in gas stations there was nothing ever there with the names of our kids. So as a parent who likes personalized products I decided to find a way to provide those personalized products to less common names.

The thing about Trends is they come and go, however they always seem to come back around. We found this fitting because it happens with a lot of things in life. So thanks for joining us on our adventure and we look forward to the Trendz4u family to grow. As we look at each of our customers like family.

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